The first thing to remember when joining in at a Karaoke party is that you don’t have to be a good singer to give a good performance. Whether or not you have any ability to sing, everyone can give a well-received performance.

The key is not to take yourself seriously. If you have an off-key, strangled-cat voice, make the best of it and play it for as many laughs as you can get. Nobody expects you to be the next Adele or Freddie Mercury. The jukebox will make everyone the centre of attention!

Add Surprise Games into Your Jukebox Party to Keep Your Guests Engaged

When most people imagine a home karaoke party, they picture a bunch of people sitting around a room, staring at a TV screen and passing a microphone back and forth. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Write your invitations to suggest that your Karaoke party will be slightly different than what your guests are used to, without spelling out exactly what you have planned.

Pick a decade to serve as a theme for the party. Ask your guests to dress up in the fashions of that decade and only feature songs from that decade.

Offer prizes for the individual games to maintain the fun non-stop throughout the evening.

The jukebox can provide so many options and endless fun at your party.

Name That Line Jukebox Game

To get your guests warmed up and get your party rolling, have your guests sing one line in the middle of a song from the decade you’ve chosen as your theme. Lines from songs that are taken out of context can sometimes be hard to identify. The game is to identify the song the line is from.

Be prepared to have numerous hard and easy lines for your guests to identify, or invite your guests to come up with their own. Award points for correct answers and a prize to the guest who wins the game overall.

Rock Stars Sing Other Peoples Hits

Everyone can identify an impersonation of a singer by their hits. But how about identifying an impersonation of a rock star singing another person’s song? Prepare the names of famous singers who a particular style that is well-known and pair them with songs from another singer. Have your guests give their best impersonations of each rock star.

Award points to the first person who is able to name both the singer and the song. Give a prize to the person who is able to identify the most impersonations overall.

The Final Showcase

When you begin your party, make your guests are aware that they’ll be expected to offer their most memorable, jaw-dropping, performance of the night during the final showcase. This will give them some time to think about and plan their performance throughout the evening.

You notice that we didn’t say ‘best’. Making it the ‘most memorable’ performance will give some incentive to your strangled-cat-voiced participants to perform their hearts out.

Present the Karaoke King and Queen Crowns to the female and male who deliver the most awesome performances of the final showcase.

We guarantee that your guests will come away from the party looking forward to being invited to your next one, so you know hiring a karaoke jukebox is worth it.