After ordering from our website you will receive a Hire Agreement by email, you will need to print this agreement out and sign the agreement and give it to us when we deliver our hire equipment.

Conditions Of Hire: (Frozen Slushy)

  1. Customer to supply all Base Spirits.

  2. Customer to supply a sturdy table (no trestle tables) or surface for frozen slushy machine(s) (as they weigh 85kg once filled) and a convenient power point. Our machines are not to be move once setup by a Cool Sounds Party & Events Hire technician so ensure to choose the correct place first time.

  3. Temperature: Frozen slushy machines function best at ambient temperatures below 27.5°C. The reliability of the machine(s) cannot be guaranteed if the ambient temperature around the machine(s) is above 27.6°C. It is recommended that frozen cocktail machines are used indoors in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

  4. If the Customer requests extra cocktail mix to refill the machine the balance must be paid when the hire unit is collected current cost is $25 per refill.

Conditions Of Hire: (Jukebox)

  1. Our Jukeboxes are not to be move once setup by a Cool Sounds Party & Events Hire technician so ensure to choose the correct place first time.

  2. Customer is responsible for any damages to microphone, jukebox or property.

  3. We don’t guarantee to have the entire music tracks you request.

Conditions Of Hire: (General)

  1. Our machine(s) must be accessible between deliveries and pick up times. Strictly 8am – 5:00pm. If machine is not accessible on arrival, delivery or pickup for the driver, a late fee of $100.00 may be incurred.

  2. Malfunction of Machine: All machines are checked at time of delivery. In the event of a machine malfunctioning due to mechanical or electrical failure (not including failure of main power supply at any time) during the first hour of a function, a backup will be delivered if available. If a back up machine is not available, the total hire cost will be refunded.

  3. If the malfunction(s) of the machine(s) is/are caused by the customer or any other person not following the operational procedures in a correct manner or any of the switches on the machine(s) have been accidentally or intentionally switched off a $100.00 call out fee will apply if an Cool Sounds Party & Events Hire technician attends to rectify the malfunction.

  4. The Customer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Cool Sounds Party & Events Hire against liability in respect to any suits, claims, actions, demands, costs, loss (including loss of profit) or damages arising directly or indirectly out of the hire or use of the equipment by the Customer whether caused by the negligence of the Customer or any other person.

The Hiring Agency, Cool Sounds Party & Events Hire will not be responsible for any loss whatsoever, in the event of any malfunction occurring.

I acknowledge receipt of the Hire Equipment and agree that:

  1. I have inspected the Hire Equipment and consider it to be in good order and condition.

  2. I understand the method of operation of the equipment and shall not try to avoid liability for damage on the grounds of not being familiar with operational procedures.

  3. I shall ensure that the Hire Equipment is not used by a third party.

  4. I undertake to return the Hire Equipment in good condition on or before the due date and also agree that the equipment is returnable earlier by mutual agreement.

  5. Only Cool Sounds Party & Events Hire products are to be used with Hire Equipment. Cocktail Mixes are to be prepared according to directions on bottle label or as directed by supplier.

  6. I agree to accept complete responsibility for the Hire Equipment until returned and agree to pay any repairs necessary or the current market value in the event of theft or loss of or damage to the Hire Equipment while hired, whether due to my negligence or not.