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Reserve a Cosmopolitan Machine for your event & party.

Cosmo Machine Hire Sydney

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    Simple to operate cosmo machines.

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    Hire costs include FREE Delivery.

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    FREE pickup and cleaning.

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    Range of 50 delicious flavours, including cosmopolitan.

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    Simply add your own alcohol to make desired cosmopolitan flavour.

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    Cosmo mix refills can be ordered also.

What’s in a Cosmopolitan?

  • Vodka
  • Cointreau
  • Cool Sounds Cosmopolitan Mix
  • (Optional) Fresh Lime to Garnish

Hire our cosmopolitan machine from $135, with FREE delivery in Sydney.

Hiring a Cosmo Machine in Sydney for your next event is a fantastic idea. Your guests will love being able to pour their own cool, sweet cosmos and you’ll enjoy a simple way to serve great cocktails, with free delivery in Sydney, free pickup and cleanup.

Ideal for all occasions.

Rent a cosmopolitan machine for your wedding, engagement party, birthday, corporate event or any other celebration. Other popular flavours include; Daiquiri Machine Hire, Mojito Machine Hire & Margarita Machine Hire. Cool Sounds are Sydney’s No.1 for Slushie Machine Hire.

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